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6 social media marketing success tips for aesthetic practices

6 social media marketing success tips for aesthetic practices

 This is a great read by Patricia Redsicker, in Dermatology Times.

Are you a physician practicing aesthetic medicine? Interested in learning how content and social media marketing can help grow your aesthetic practice?
Most aesthetic practices are still using costly, outdated channels of advertising to build their brands. The problem with this approach is that patients have tuned out to these channels. According to Aesthetic Medicine News, today’s patients get most of their information about cosmetic procedures from social media. 
You’re probably wondering, “What is the relationship between content marketing and social media?”
Social media marketing isn’t just about putting up a Facebook page or a Twitter profile.
It’s about educating people, answering their questions about aesthetics, and sharing interesting news about your practice. This is actually content marketing, and it is done primarily on your blog or website.
But that’s not enough.
Social media promotion is critical to online content marketing success. Because there are millions of users on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social sites, it is very likely that people who need your aesthetic services (yet don’t know that your blog exists!) are hanging out there.
The best way to reach them is by taking the stories that you’ve posted on your blog and placing them in these sites.
It’s that easy? Well, yes and no. Yes, because once you have all your content ready, all you have to do is promote it on your social media networks. But preparation is key.
Social media is a very active space. There are a lot of interesting conversations taking place at the same time and since your target audience has a short attention span, they can get distracted very easily.
The challenge for you as an aesthetician using social media, is that you have to be more interesting and more creative than the other people or brands in your target audience’s network! How do you that?
Here are six content marketing and social media success tips for your aesthetic practice.
1. Tell stories
Use your blog to tell stories about your industry, practice, people and events. Each story should be unique and interesting enough to create appeal and draw new audiences on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites that you use.
Human-interest stories are very popular on social media. Aesthetic practices are fortunate to be able to leverage "show and tell" story-telling strategies. Using images and patient stories you can illustrate how your practice is impacting people’s lives, by improving their appearance, and making them feel wonderful about themselves.
2. Blog often
If you don’t already have one, develop an editorial calendar to help you blog regularly and consistently. Remember too that social media content benefits from planning and regular updating.
You need to plan for the interesting stories that you will share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. Of course many of these stories will be inspired from your blog, but once in a while you may also need to add other content (photos, video, podcasts, etc.) to engage audiences within those specific networks.
3. Execute well
Even though the aesthetic industry is interesting by nature, how you execute stories about your category on social media is very important.
For example, on Facebook and Pinterest, posting visually appealing and well-edited photos will go much farther than posting links to your blog. On Twitter you will need different executions skills such as how to craft a compelling tweet with 140 characters, or how to use relevant hashtags to make it easy for people to find your content.
Every social media platform is different. It’s important for you to learn those environments and leverage their unique features to reach a wider audience with your message.
4. Include location
As an aesthetician, one of your primary marketing goals is to attract more patients to your practice. Create or update your Facebook page, Twitter profile and Pinterest account with your physical location and your contact information.
When patients come in for their appointment, encourage them to “check-in” to your location using Facebook Places.
Checking-in on Facebook has the same effect as word-of-mouth marketing. When a Facebook user sees (on her Newsfeed) that her friend (your patient) has checked into your location, she’ll be curious to learn more about your practice and will probably click through to your Facebook Page for more information.
5. Work on your 'About' section
The “About” section of your Facebook page should be optimized with keyword-rich names, categories and descriptions. The words you use to describe your practice should reflect the natural conversational language that your audience uses. This will increase the likelihood of appearing on facebook's graph book results.
Similarly, the About page of your website should not just focus on keywords such as aesthetics, but rather on answering questions that typical patients would ask. Think about some of the common questions that your patients have asked in the past and update your practice’s About page with content that provides those answers.
6. Consider contests, promotions and giveaways
Contests, promotions and giveaways are very effective ways of acquiring new clients via social media. Because contests can produce outstanding results, it’s important that you make yours stand out by offering a prize that will create excitement and enthusiasm among your audience. Giving away a free iPad has nothing to do with your practice, so don’t bother.
You can give away a specific skin product with a “limited time only” message to create a sense of urgency and interest. Avoid giving away free services as this might encourage people not to buy until they find out if they’ve won. To ensure high participation encourage Facebook fans to submit photos of themselves, or share stories for a chance to win.
Which of these content and social media tips have you used to market your aesthetic practice? Please share your experience in the comment box below.

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Why Women Are Injecting Botox Under Their Hair

Interesting read:

'Blowtox' does more than just prevent sweating

Neal Colgrass writes, 
Women know what a workout can do to their 'do—and now dermatologists have a treatment for it. Called "Blowtox" by some, it's really a bunch of Botox injections in the scalp that prevent sweating and have the pleasant side-effect of keeping blow-dried or straightened hair from going all frizzy, Fast Company reports. "It's common for SoulCycle people," says New York City dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler. "SoulCycle is infamous for killing the hair." Sound weird? Well, Botox may be known for smoothing wrinkles, but one of its "off-label' uses is to counteract "severe underarm sweating," reports Shape, which also observes that "while it sounds crazy to inject something into your head," Botox is FDA-approved to treat adults with chronic migraines, who get such injections in their scalp. And as one dermatologist puts it to Shape, the Blowtox is "definitely a trend."

In some circles, $1,500 for a Blowtox treatment that lasts up to nine months actually makes financial sense. After all, over that period, two $40 blow drys a week at an urban salon adds up to $2,880. The procedure itself takes roughly 20 minutes and involves about 150 to 200 injections (one every square centimeter) throughout the scalp, NYC dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman tells Yahoo Beauty. (For comparison's sake, de-wrinkling the forehead typically requires no more than a dozen injections.) Shape notes that the needle used is thinner than a piece of hair; since the scalp is light on nerve endings, pain is extremely minimal. Fast Company suggests that Blowtox could make life easier for American women, who apparently spend 55 minutes daily on their appearance; Shape observes that it can help women maintain "their professionalism" while squeezing in workday workouts. (The FDA has OKed a shot to zap your double chin.)
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Credentialing Exam for Medical Esthetics!

Interested in getting Credentialed as a Medical Esthetic Practitioner Certified?
If you pass your examination, you will be among thousands of esthetic healthcare professionals who have been certified through the American Academy of Medical Esthetic Practitioners (AAMEP). Certified professionals in their areas of specialty can already attest to the importance of certification to their careers and profession. Certification indicates that you meet the standards that have been set by your peers in the specialty. Medical Esthetics has been an emerging specialty for many years in the United States and has been a true specialty in Europe for over 25 years. We can personally assure you that the pride that you will feel in becoming certified will remain with you throughout your career.

If you would like more information please see the credentialing portion of the aamep website

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So many Amazing reviews of Esthetic Skin Institute

If you want to know how people really feel about Esthetic Skin Institute ... just read these blog posts.

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Great Read on the "Anatomy of a Sunscreen"

Intentional vs. Incidental Exposure

Products that contain sunscreening ultraviolet (UV) filters intended to provide sunburn protection can be divided into two basic categories. The first is when there is “intentional” exposure to sunlight for extended periods of time. This is typically associated with recreational activities such as swimming, hiking, sports activities, etc., with exposure to sunlight during the period of highest sunburn potential—10 am to 4 pm. These activities often induce sweating and may also include exposure to water for a significant amount of time. Sunscreen products for these activities are designed to resist removal by sweat or water by incorporating polymer substances and emulsifiers that lock the sunscreen filters onto the surface of the skin.
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Esthetic Skin Institute Launches New Class "Sculptra Aesthetic Training Course"

Esthetic Skin Institute is pleased to announce they will be the only Continuing Education Provider to offer a Sculptra Certification! 
Program Overview
Prerequisite Criteria:  This course is designed for the experienced injector (6mo-1yr of continuous injecting experience) with dermal filling agents.  
Target Audience:  Physicians (MD,DO), NP’s, PA’s, Dentists, RN’s in most states.  It is the responsibility of every licensed medical professional to know and follow their own State guidelines and regulations relating to their area of practice and should direct such questions to their state board.
Sculptra Aesthetic works to replace lost collagen. As we age our body’s collagen production decreases and we see the development of facial wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of facial volume, as well as deep facial folds. Sculptra Aesthetic works to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds due to its bio-stimulatory effect on collagen.  In turn, it can help provide a refined, more youthful looking appearance.  Generally, 3 injection sessions are needed over a period of 8-12 weeks to produce noticeable results that emerge subtly and can last more than 2 years. Sculptra Aesthetic can smooth deep lines and wrinkles, and restore facial volume lost to the body’s natural ageing process. The treatment must be performed by specially trained medical professionals.
This one-day “premiere” Sculptra® hands-on workshop will provide a morning didactic overview of history, chemical & biological properties, biodegradation, facial aging along with facial anatomy and physiology, appropriate anatomic selection and cosmetic indications for treatment.  Presentation will include contraindications, complications and side effects, as well as prevention and management of complications.  During the training you will learn special techniques to correct deep folds (i.e., nasolabial and marionette), sunken cheeks, wrinkles and lines in the cheeks or chin, and deep scars. With ESI’s low student to instructor ratio, our intense afternoon hands-on sessions led by our expert instructors will provide a tailored one-on-one experience.
Find out more and register at 

Pfizer Buys Allergan in $160B Deal

Pfizer Buys Allergan in $160B Deal That Will Slash Its U.S. Taxes
Pfizer and Allergan are joining in the biggest buyout of the year, a $160 billion stock deal that will create the world's largest drug maker.
It's also the largest so-called inversion, where an American corporation combines with a company headquartered in a country with a lower corporate tax rate, saving potentially millions each year in U.S. taxes.
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